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My motto is “Catch A Falling Star.” Sisters and Brothers, a question that I propose to you is, ‘How can we take care of our communities so well and not take care of one another with the same care and enthusiasm?’ While our communities suffer with poverty, food, insecurity, drug & alcohol addiction, and physical & mental health issues, many of our members struggle with these same issues. We must stop saying, ‘We are our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper, and be our sisters’ and brothers’ keeper. This is not to say that we haven’t done our part to help. But if we are truly honest with ourselves, more times than not, we have failed to encourage one another, support one another, or be respectful to one another. It’s not what we say. It’s what we do. Actions speak louder than words. We should strive to be Christ like, by focusing more on growing, developing and supporting others. If we do our work with the Be-Attitudes, we can let our actions be driven by service and dedication to a cause or a relationship that we will model with confidence, as we encourage these values in others.

I will continue to do my best to fulfill my duties and obligations. I simply request that you do the same. With God’s guidance and your willingness to work and support the full message

- Sister Mary R. McGhee, Grand Worthy Matron


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